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    Home Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Lighting is one of the most important elements of home design, yet it is often regarded as something of an afterthought. Many homeowners consider lighting design something that they can handle themselves, and some even take care of the installation. Unfortunately, this can lead to simple mistakes that make the home less practical and less valuable. Here is a look at some common home lighting mistakes:

    Forgetting the 3 types of home lighting

    In every home, most rooms will benefit from three different types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient light is generally the main light source, and is used to provide visibility for moving around and conversing. Task lighting is brighter and more focused in certain areas to improve visibility for activities like working, cooking, and reading. Accent lighting is used for decorative purposes, and all three play significant roles.  


    Using too few switches and dimmers

    Many people find that using as few switches and dimmers as possible makes things simple and convenient. The problem with this is that it gives too little control over individual fixtures. When multiple fixtures are on the same switch, especially if the fixtures serve different purposes, it can be difficult to get the right level of light for the activity or time of day. Be sure that task lighting and ambient lighting in different areas have their own controls.

    Choosing fixtures for style rather than function

    One of the most common home lighting mistakes people make is choosing light fixtures based on how they look. Each light in your home affects your indoor visibility, and each fixture should be chosen with that in mind. Attractive lamp shades and tasteful sconce hardware may be nice, but consider how the actual light source will affect the room before making a purchase.

    If you would like help with your indoor lighting design and installation, contact McBride Lighting & Electrical Services of Golden, CO. We have been providing top-notch lighting and electrical contracting services for over 50 years. For more information, visit us online or call (720) 250-9777.

    Electrical Safety Tips for Older Adults

    Last updated 1 year ago

    A home is generally the biggest financial investment you will make, and your emotional investment in your home grows each year. For this reason and many others, it is important to understand the basics of electrical safety.

    This brief video offers a few tips for staying safe in your home. You can prevent electrical hazards by looking and listening for signs of danger, such as warm electrical outlets and buzzing or crackling noises coming from electronics and electrical systems. For more tips, watch the full video.

    If you want to make sure that your home electrical system is safe, call McBride Lighting & Electrical Services and schedule an inspection. Serving Golden, Colorado and the Denver area, we can be reached at (720) 250-9777.

    Lighting Trends to Incorporate in Your Home

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Your lighting choices around the home say a lot about your personality and style. If you’re still relying on old, builders-grade lighting to illuminate your space, then contact your local Denver electrical contractor to upgrade your home with new lighting fixtures. Here are some bright ideas on new lighting trends to consider for your home.

    Mixed Materials

    One of the hottest trends in interior design today is combining textures and materials into a single piece of furniture or lighting. You can see this in most modern furniture, but it’s absolutely dazzling in lighting fixtures. You can find mixed material lighting to match any style or mood—metal, glass and crystal for a more traditional home, salvaged iron for a rustic, urban feel, or an old wood frame to bring the outdoors in. Being creative with your lighting can set the tone for further interior design improvements.


    Dressed Up Lights

    Gone are the days where a simple track lighting system or recessed can lights are sufficient. Today, your home’s lighting also functions as a statement piece. Whether it serves as the focal point of your room, or simply extends a theme you already have, make your lighting stand out. Vintage lighting, chandeliers, and bright or highly visible materials and designs are in—boring standing lamps are out!

    Location, Location, Location

    Finally, don’t reserve ornate or interesting lighting choices for “special” rooms in the home. Beautiful lighting pieces should be enjoyed throughout the entire home, so find a place in every room for a beautiful lighting fixture. Whether it’s pendant lighting above a breakfast bar, a chandelier in the bedroom, or elegant sconces flanking your bathroom mirror, choose locations where lighting can be both functional and elegant.

    For more tips on choosing the right lighting for your home, contact the lighting experts at McBride Lighting & Electrical Services. We are the Denver area’s premier electrical service, with expert contractors specializing in lighting maintenance and installation. Call (720) 250-9777 to learn more about our lighting and electrical services.

    The Latest Kitchen Lighting Trends

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Looking to give your kitchen a quick, economical boost in functionality and design? Upgraded lighting can help you to improve the look of your kitchen, as well as indoor comfort and efficiency while cooking.

    There are a wide variety of lighting trends making their way into kitchens across Denver. Specialized task and under cabinet lighting lighting can help to make your workspaces more productive and safe. Dimmers are helpful for further controlling how much light is used, and which parts of the kitchen are emphasized. Lights inside your cabinets can make those dark, hard-to-reach corners more visible.

    For more great kitchen lighting ideas, talk to the lighting professionals at McBride Lighting & Electrical Services. We are the Denver area’s comprehensive residential and commercial electrical service, specializing in lighting sales and installation. Call (720) 250-9777 or visit us online for more information.

    [INFOGRAPHIC] An Illuminating Look at Light Bulb Efficiency

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Not long ago, light bulb shopping meant little more than deciding how many watts you needed and whether you wanted soft or crisp light. Now, the shelves are filled with a variety of different bulbs to be used for lighting all parts of your home. These newer bulbs offer incredible energy-efficiency that standard incandescent bulbs simply can’t. CFL and LED lights—two new types of bulbs—use up to 80% less electricity, and they last up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs. Learn about new types of lighting with this infographic by McBride Lighting & Electrical Services in Denver. Help your family and friends make smart choices about lighting and efficient electricity use in their homes by sharing this info.  

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