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    Tips to Help Your Business Save on Lighting Costs without Compromising Security

    Last updated 2 years ago

    For many businesses, finding the balance between lighting efficiency and security can be a challenge. With the help of an electrical contractor, your business can find the right lighting upgrades to promote safety without vastly increasing your overhead in terms of power costs.

    Choose the Right Lights
    There are several different kinds of bulbs on the market today and each has distinct advantages. It’s important to consider the light output, estimated life, and energy consumption of several kinds of bulbs in order to find the right ones for your desired application. For example, lighting the interior of your business with CFLs or LEDs can help you save vast amounts of energy and provide more than adequate light for security. Because these lights consume low amounts of energy, they are excellent for after-hours use.

    For your parking lot and outdoor spaces, you’ll want to consider lights with high output. Because these lights will need to be used during the night, you can afford to prioritize safety over energy consumption.

    Use Lighting Timers and Sensors
    Occupancy sensors for interior rooms can automatically control your lighting system, maximizing energy efficiency by deactivating lights when people are not present. For rooms along the exterior of your facility and those near windows, timers can activate your lights after-hours. Daylight sensors or timers are ideal for outside lights, ensuring that they only operate when necessary to maximize efficiency.

    Upgrade Your System
    Old service panels and dated wiring can have a big impact on your energy efficiency, regardless of how advanced your lighting installations may be. It’s important for your electrical system to operate reliably and efficiently, so when you choose lights to promote security and reduce energy usage, don’t forget to have an electrician examine the complete system.

    Call McBride Lighting & Electrical Services at (720) 250-9777 to schedule a consultation with one of our representatives. We have experience in installing commercial lighting schemes and can help you enjoy energy efficiency for less while keeping your worksite secured.

    Learn More About Track Lighting And The Dangers Of Attempting DIY Electrical Work By Visiting These Illuminating Resources

    Last updated 2 years ago

    You will discover how track lighting can transform your home and learn why it is important to leave all electrical work to the professionals when you explore the websites below. We invite you to contact McBride Lighting & Electrical Services at (720) 250-9777 for more information about our services. With over 50 years of experience serving the Denver area, we have the skills and knowledge you can count on.

    See how versatile track lighting can be by exploring this slideshow from Better Homes & Gardens.

    This publication from the Consumer Product Safety Commission can help you understand the dangers associated with residential electrical systems.

    Check out this page from to see some DIY electrical work and repairs gone wrong.

    Find out why the wiring in an older home can present electrical hazards.

    Explore this page from to see various kinds of track lighting in action in different types of rooms.

    The Deadly Endeavor of Undertaking DIY Electrical Work

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Electricians undergo intensive training and must follow rigorous safety protocols when performing even the simplest repairs. Electrical work is not for the do-it-yourselfer, regardless of your experience. The equipment and training necessary to handle electrical work must be of the professional level. It’s important to recognize why attempting DIY electrical work can present immediate and latent dangers to you and your family.

    Immediate Electrical Hazards
    Electricity is a force to be absolutely respected at all times, and this is why you should have your home’s electrical system inspected on a regular basis. Even an apparently well-functioning system may hide problems or require maintenance. While replacing a bulb or flipping a circuit breaker is something a homeowner can handle, it’s important to know your limitations. Repairing a fixture, servicing a panel and rewiring, all need to be left to a professional.

    At any time, there are 120 volts of electricity running through the wires inside your home. Electricity and an inexperienced hand create a dangerous mix. Arcing electricity can not only deliver a nasty shock, but also be fatal in an instant. If you ever encounter a problem with your electrical system, contact an electrician immediately and don’t attempt any repairs on your own. Sparking or smoking outlets need attention right away and should never be tampered with.

    Long-Term Electrical Hazards
    Sometimes a homeowner may feel that he or she has adequately performed a repair. But just because a light turns on doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fixed. The problem with DIY repairs is that safety protocols may be ignored, even unintentionally. A wire that’s too short, improperly grounded, or exposed to combustible materials can spell disaster in the future. Many electrical fires start inside the walls of a home; by the time a homeowner realizes something is wrong, the fire has likely spread to dangerous level. This is only one example, but it illustrates why professionals should be employed for any kind of electrical work.

    Call (720) 250-9777 to have McBride Lighting & Electrical Services evaluate your home and perform any necessary electrical repairs. We can help keep you safe and your electrical system running for years to come.

    Shopping for Ceiling Fans

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Ceiling fans are versatile, working to both illuminate a room and provide a cooling breeze during the hottest days. They can also increase your energy efficiency in all seasons if you use them correctly. Choosing a ceiling fan should be done carefully with two key qualities in mind: A ceiling fan should be absolutely silent during operation and should never shake. This helpful video has more tips for buying a ceiling fan.

    Choose a ceiling fan with the Energy Star label and make sure it is correctly sized to suit the room. You have a lot of variety when it comes to blades, finishes, and light fixtures to jazz up the appearance of your fan. Today’s more advanced fans even come with remotes and integrated controls that install like wall switches.

    McBride Lighting & Electrical Services can provide the professional electrical installation you need to ensure that your new ceiling fan will operate as expected. We are happy to install, maintain, and repair your indoor and outdoor light fixtures. Call us at (720) 250-9777 today.

    Bringing the Beauty of Track Lighting into Your Home

    Last updated 2 years ago

    A home’s lighting scheme can completely transform the look of a room and its furnishings. The right lighting and fixtures can make all the difference, and track lighting is a versatile option for enhancing your interior’s look and feel. When professionally installed by a qualified electrician, track lighting can be used in any room of the home and for various applications.

    How Track Lighting Works
    Track lighting is exceptionally versatile because of how it is designed. As the name indicates, track lighting is connected to a single electrical fixture, typically in the ceiling, but then has several adjustable lights on a metal track. These lights can be positioned to illuminate any area inside a room. Sophisticated installation by a professional can allow homeowners to activate a few specific lights on the track or the entire track all at once.

    This is what makes track lighting so versatile. It can be used as accent lighting, with each light directed to a different focal point in the room. It can serve as ambient lighting in conjunction with a dimmer switch, used to gently illuminate corners or middle spaces. Track lighting can also be used as general lighting, providing the necessary illumination to brighten an entire room without becoming overpowering, or as task lighting to give focused light where you need it while working.

    Where to Use Track Lighting
    Depending on the use of dimmer switches and the power of the bulbs installed in the fixture, the position of the fixture may dictate the overall function of the lights. When installed close to walls, task lighting can provide off-center illumination or be used to highlight artwork. Track lighting closer to the center of the room is better for general lighting or task lighting, such as when it is installed over a kitchen island.

    McBride Lighting & Electrical Services can help you understand the full range of possibilities when it comes to track lighting installations. Call us at (720) 250-9777 to schedule a consultation. We can show you where track lighting can be installed in place of your existing fixtures, or give you ideas for an entirely new illumination scheme.

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