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    The Various Types of Wiring in Your Home

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Your home’s electrical system incorporates several different types of wiring and electrical lines. These consist of lines that supply varying levels of power, lines that carry data, and the venerable phone line that can be used to supply data in addition to voice communications. Explore these types of wiring and electrical components to learn how they keep your home “wired” in this day and age.

    • Power: The most common types of electrical work inside your home are, naturally, power lines. This type of electrical wiring delivers power to every room in your house. These wires terminate at outlets, which offer places for you to plug in appliances and electronics. Your home will also have high-voltage wiring and outlets for specialized appliances such as your oven, clothes dryer, and more.

      All of your home's wiring goes through your electrical breaker panel, commonly known as the fuse box. In this are breakers and fuses designed to protect your electrical circuits in the event of an overload or surge.
    • Data: Today, most homeowners have cable television, high-speed internet, and often internet telephony services. These connections are carried over data lines, which are another type of electrical wiring. Typically in the form of coaxial cable, these lines contain fiber optics that allow for the rapid transfer of data.
    • Phone: All homes have phone lines, which were once used only to provide voice communications. In fact, telephone poles are still known by their colloquial name even though they carry all three types of electrical lines. Phone lines were the first carriers of internet data before the advent of high-speed internet.

    To learn more about your home's electrical system, and for any electrical troubleshooting, contact McBride Lighting & Electrical Services at (720) 250-9777. We can diagnose, repair, and replace any type of electrical wiring in your home. Visit us online for more information.

    Whole-House Surge Protection vs. Surge Protector Outlets and Power Strips

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Power surges can be very damaging to a home or business full of electronics. Even small power surges can cause your appliances and computers to malfunction, and larger surges carry the risk of dangerous electrical fires. To protect your home or business from power surges, talk to your electrical contractor about your surge protection options. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of choosing a whole-house surge protection system or surge protector strips and outlets.

    Protection Levels
    Whole-house surge protection systems are designed to keep your entire home protected regardless of the severity of the power surge. While basic power strip surge protectors may only provide around 200 joules of surge suppression, whole-house systems can provide you with over 2,500 joules of surge suppression or more. This is enough to protect you in the event of a more severe power surge.

    If you’re looking for surge protection that is mobile and versatile, a surge protector power strip may be sufficient. But if you’re only interested in surge protection within the home or business, surge protector outlets and whole-house systems are the better option since you’re protected in every room at all times. This eliminates the need to move power strips from room to room.

    Consider the cost of the surge protection for your home or business. A high-quality, reliable surge protector strip can cost you around $50 a piece. To protect your entire home, you may end up spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on these strips. However, for the same cost, you could have a professional electrician install a whole-house surge protector or surge protector outlets. Both of these solutions are more efficient and effective in protecting you from electrical surges.

    For more information on power surge protection, contact the experts at McBride Lighting & Electrical Services at (720) 250-9777. We’re Denver’s premier lighting and electrical service, specializing in residential and commercial electrical work.

    Common Problems with DIY Landscape Lighting Installations

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Do you want to give your home or business a curb-appeal boost? Lighting is an excellent way to enhance the look of your landscaping while also adding functionality and safety. But before you start digging, consider calling a professional electrical contractor to install your lighting for you. Here’s a look at three reasons why hiring an electrical and lighting professional is a much better option than DIY landscape lighting.

    1. Poor System Design
    While you may consider yourself a landscaping enthusiast, lighting and electrical work is a much different issue entirely. Working with electrical systems and lighting not only requires a certain level of skill, but also experience and practice to create beautiful, functional lighting designs. Working with a lighting and electrical expert will ensure that your landscaping is beautiful, well-lit, and safe.

    2. Electrical Problems
    Another common problem with DIY landscape lighting is related to the efficacy of the electrical installation. Without the proper knowledge of how residential or commercial electrical systems work, you might have problems maintaining or using your landscape lighting system reliably. This can include power surges, short light bulb life, flickering, dim lighting, shortages and more. To avoid these problems and ensure consistent performance, hire a lighting and electrical expert to install your system.

    3. Dangerous Electrical Work
    It’s important to remember that electrical work can be very dangerous. Without the proper tools, safety equipment, or knowledge, you may experience shocks, electrical fires, shortages, or other problems that may jeopardize your health or the safety of your home or business.

    If you’re looking for professional landscape lighting installation in Denver, contact McBride Lighting & Electrical Services at (720) 250-9777. We’ve served the Greater Denver area with professional electrical and lighting work for over 50 years. Give us a call to learn more about our landscape lighting services, surge protection installation, and general lighting and electrical repairs.

    Get More Information About Surge Protection And Proper Landscape Lighting Installation By Clicking The Resources Below

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Are you interested in learning more about surge protection and landscape lighting? Click on the links below for great information!

    • Here’s a great article from on the benefits of installing a whole-house surge protection device to protect your home.
    • Learn more about how a whole-house surge protector can provide you with the protection and value you need in this article from Family Handyman.
    • Visit this website to learn why hiring an electrical and lighting expert is the best option for home and business owners.
    • Find out how surge protectors work on this page from How Stuff Works.
    • Check out to learn about different kinds of landscape lighting equipment and designs.

    Learn even more by contacting McBride Lighting & Electrical Services at (720) 250-9777 for professional electrical and lighting services in Denver.

    Residential vs. Commercial Generators

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Power outages can halt activity in your home or business for long periods of time. Having reliable access to electricity is essential after a big storm, when you need to store refrigerated foods, or when accessing your computer systems. Investing in an electrical generator is a great way to ensure access to electricity in adverse conditions.

    But before you buy a generator, make sure you pick the right one for your needs. This video discusses the differences between residential and commercial generators. You’ll learn about their different uses and designs, including what factors to consider before making a purchase.

    For help finding the right generator for your home or business, contact McBride Lighting & Electrical Services by calling (720) 250-9777. We serve the entire Denver area with the very best lighting and electrical repair, installation, and sales services!

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